M_Support Material

Year: 2018

Title: plastic like me

Choreographer and performer: Tammy MacLeod

Photos: Justine MacDonald

Description: Solo dance work, ruminating on the prevalence and possibilities of plastic, presented in Wolfville, Halifax and Truro, as part of Fem Fest.

Year: 2017

Title: Everything falls before dawn

Performer: Tammy MacLeod

Photo: Aurora Lee

Description: Improvised solo performance, in Wolfville, as part of an informal presentation series. 

Year: 2018

Title: Our Heart Breaks

Choreographer: Sarah Joy Stoker 

Performers: Jacinte Armstrong, Mark Bath, Karen Fennell, Tammy MacLeod, Susie Paulson, Peter Trotzmer, Andrea Tucker 

Photo: Sarah Joy Stoker

Description: Focusing on themes of ecology, extinction, and capitalism, Our Heart Breaks considers the disconnect between humans and their environments. 

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