PWWC Meeting

*PWWC (People with White Clothes)

0. Presence: Angela, Tammy, Mi Young, Sol

0. Venue Visit: studios at Academy Building at NSCAD University

0. Discussion

1) preferred venue : main studio with black walls and wider space

2) tentative dates of documenting the show :

    2-3 days (between 8 and 14 August, or at the end of December)

    It depends on the availability of the venue and the COVID grouping regulations

3) artworks : 

form of installation work

shape, textile, position, scale / researched materials / projection test regarding textile transparency / the moving image projection settings are adjustable to the shape of the installation. will send spatial arrangements soon. thinking about memory and time – how time affects memory – fragments, distorts, embodies, disrupts, obscures, etc. keywords for thinking about form and how installation alters the perception of space. 

performance: interaction with projected images and installation work / guided movement(?) score, Deborah Hay / body as a moving/living screen / body narrative, circular movement, elevating movement energy, number 8 / reasonable numbers of performers (3,5,8… needed to consider COVID regulations) circles, curves, rectangles, grids, pause, repeat, amplification, reverse, slow-mo, melt, developing movement choices, source material for the journey map/body narrative… as a way to be in relation with the silenced, taboo past

moving images and projections: image as a metaphor of distorted, scattered memories or oblivion. imperfect, fragmented, remnant memory. The linear/non-linear narrative, loop and duration matters are adjustable responding to the narrative of performance.

-co-existence of abstract/conceptual artworks and tangible/physical senses (body, voice… physical, vocal expressions, audio-visual-spatial-substantial experiences…)

4) suggestion of documenting the show in a way of live-show with multiple cameras and a switch station – loved the idea that Tammie had, adding a point-of-view camera to the (perhaps one of the bodies of the movers — maybe the camera moves between movers?) 

5) posting the process of creating the show on a website.

6) documenting(videographing) the process of creating the show : 

making-film including the plans, discussions, interviews of participants 

7) Korean participants

-working with untrained performers

-orientation sessions before the show, how to introduce the show to participants

-how the show would be received by Korean participants, unknown history and political taboo 

-how to meet Koreans in NS : Mi Young is going to contact them.

-the number of people allowed into this space may be limited – who knows with Covid

8) creative, thought-provoking, political, educational and participatory aspects of the show

9) collaboration / support from NSCAD and the project countermemory activism

: synergizing and enriching projects dynamically. Mi Young is going to communicate with administrators at Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC) first regarding online double posting, and explain the process to them.

10) Zoom presentation with Korean juries and SFAC : 

tentatively in May, preview(meetup) in May before presentation. 

Mi Young is going to communicate with SFAC and find the presentation date in April.

it would be good to meet on zoom to go over the elements of our presentation

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